Many people aren’t thrilled with their smile. If this is the case, you can visit a local cosmetic dentist in Penrose, CO, to restore your smile to its former glory. Some of the simpler treatments that you can get include dental crowns and fillings. Even if you require procedures that will give you dental implants, your local cosmetic dentist in Penrose, CO, can help you come up with a treatment plan that can provide you with a great smile. This post will reveal 3 ways that your dentist can improve your smile and overall dental health.

Dental Crowns

Also known as tooth caps, crowns cover your tooth that sits above the line of your gums. To make room for the dental crown, your dentist will need to remove a bit of tooth enamel. Then they make impressions of your teeth. Your dentist will send the impressions to a laboratory. In a few weeks, you will have your crown.

Sometimes, your dentist may suggest that you get a crown over a tooth that has been treated for things such as root canals and fillings. You might also need a crown if you have a tooth that’s discolored.


Fillings restore teeth that were affected by cavities. If your dentist sees a cavity in your mouth, they will drill the decayed tooth and fill the hole with resin. These days, composite fillings often appear to have the same color as your natural teeth. For this reason, many dentists will give you white fillings that show when you open your mouth.

Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth, visit your dentist to talk about possibly getting a dental implant. Implants are titanium rods that gets screwed onto the bone of your jaw like your natural teeth. After you get the implant, you’ll get a crown and abutment that goes over the dental implant. Once this process ends, you’ll have a new tooth that looks and feels like your natural teeth.


A root canal is a procedure that involves replacing infected pulp with insert material. This procedure is recommended as a last resort in order to save the tooth. There are several signs that indicate you will need to see a root canal dentist Niagara Falls ON.
Tooth Pain
Tooth pain is typically the first sign that you may notice if you need a root canal. The pain may get worse when you bite down, eat or apply pressure. This pain will likely continue to get worse if you do not get a root canal.
Cracked or Chipped Tooth
Eating hard foods, playing a contact sport and previous dental work are some of the things that can cause you to develop a chipped or cracked tooth. A cracked or chipped tooth can easily become infected. If this infection is left untreated, then it can end up in your bloodstream.
Tooth Sensitivity
Many people have sensitive teeth. However, if you suddenly develop tooth sensitivity, then this may indicate that you need a root canal.
Your Gum Area Is Swollen
Your gums can be affected by an infected tooth. That is why you may notice that your gums are swollen and inflamed. You may also develop a raised bump on your gums.
Deep Decay
Tooth decay can usually be remedied with a filling. However, if the decay is deep, then a filling may not work. A root canal may be your only option.
Dark Discoloration
Poor hygiene can cause tooth discoloration. Nerve damage can also cause dark discoloration. That is why you may need to get a root canal in order to remove the damaged pulp.