Most of the people experience bad breath from time to time. However, to some people, bad breath is a problem they struggle with daily. There is no doubt that bad breath is a turn off for many. It can affect your relationship as well as take your confidence away.
If you have a garlicky dinner, you will probably wake up with bad breath. The same case applies when you take some beverages such as coffee, alcohol. Fortunately, bad breath resulting from these foods is temporary, and it goes away with time. However, if bad breath doesn’t go away even after brushing and rinsing with mouth wash, you might have halitosis.
Causes of Bad Breath
Bad breath may come from both the outside or inside of the mouth. Mostly, bad breath occurs due to bacteria present in the mouth and plaque on the teeth and the tongue. Most cases of halitosis results from gum diseases, poor oral hygiene, and dry mouth. A visit to a family dentist Burlington, can help to identify problems contributing to your bad breath.
Bad breath may result from certain health conditions such as tonsillitis and respiratory infections such as bronchitis or sinusitis, and some gastrointestinal illnesses. Also, bad breath may result from uncontrolled diabetes and advanced kidney or liver disease. That’s why it is essential to visit a family dentist Burlington, to determine what’s causing your bad breath.
What Can You Do About Bad Breath?
Here are a few tips that can improve your breath:
• Brushing teeth after meals with a fluoride toothpaste
• Quitting smoking tobacco
• Rinsing and gargling with mouthwash before going to bed
• Drinking enough fluids throughout the day if you have dry mouth
• Visiting a dentist regularly
If you have followed these tips and your bad breath persists, schedule an appointment with Fielding Dental Healthcare. You may also visit our website to learn more about our extensive dental care services.