Advantages Of Teeth Whitening Service At A Gilbert Dental Office

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Dental

Are your discolored teeth affecting your confidence to interact with Gilbert people? It is impossible to hide the teeth permanently, so whitening is the available solution. Hire teeth whitening in Gilbert, AZ better serves your intention when you get it from a dentist than when you use purchased products.

Thorough Whitening

Dentists at a dental office handle teeth every day. Their work is thorough because they do more than apply a whitening product. They will examine the teeth and record the shade to determine the best approach to whiten your teeth. A dentist will even remove plaque and debris from the teeth before applying a whitening solution. A dental office has a light or laser that a dentist uses to activate peroxide on a whitening product. The extra work by a dentist ends in thorough whitening than using white solutions at home.

Teeth Friendly and Reliable Treatment

There is no way to know if a teeth whitening kit on sale at a store suits your teeth until you use it and see the results. In-office teeth whitening in Gilbert, AZ is reliable because it involves experts. You are sure they use friendly products that cannot put your teeth at risk of further damage.


Commercial teeth whitening products might seem a simple route because all you do is apply. However, they can cause uneven whitening because the whitening agent does not get into contact with all teeth for an equal period. A dentist carefully applies whitening gel to each tooth and ensures a similar degree of whitening to achieve your desired shade.

A dentist has the experience of whitening your teeth to your dream shade. They also apply a buffer gel before whitening to prevent sensitivity on the tongue, cheeks, and gums. Fluoride at the end of the procedure also reduces sensitivity.