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In the US, 80% of implants are cemented. This may seem odd that dentists are using cement to affix a tooth root, which is what implants are, but this is because it is cheaper and still effective long term. Your Family Dentistry in Huntington Beach CA can decide if you are a good candidate. Contact your local dentist or continue reading to see if implants are right for you.

What are the risks?

The dentist has to explain to the patient the risks that exist for each situation. These vary depending on the area of the mouth where they intend to operate. People must assess the risk-benefit-cost ratio. The dentist should provide patients with informed consent; which records the risks and the options they have in addition to treatment with implants.

Are implants for life?

No, there is no way to place an artificial tooth and it last longer than what your original teeth would have. Implants can last many years, but it will depend on many factors that your dentist will share. So does that mean implants fail? Yes, to an extent. They have a very high success rate, but problems can occur and, in many cases, the blame cannot be centered around one person.

Implants have a success rate of 95% to 99% over 10 years. This is an approximate overall figure, which varies according to the studies and the given conditions. Today implant surgery is very predictable, but never 100% guaranteed. The implant may not be accepted by the bone and is rejected in the first weeks of placement. It can also become loose after installation in the first two years. After 2 years with no problems, you can consider the treatment a success and will last for many years. Only your Family Dentistry in Huntington Beach CA can determine the risks associated with each implantation.

What if they fail?

After placing, the dentist allows 2-6 months (depending on the bone quality) for the bone to integrate. In this period, the implant may be rejected. If so, it is removed and in two months you can try putting another implant (not the same) in its place. This second attempt is often successful. Call Kali Dental to schedule your consultation today.