Enjoy Comfort as You Begin Your Invisalign Experience in Lakeview

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Dental Treatment, Dentist

Invisalign is a wonderful alternative to traditional metal braces when it comes to straightening your teeth. This system uses a series of clear trays to reposition the teeth. Many people love how they are less noticeable than metal braces and allow them more freedom when it comes to eating their favorite foods. The following are three tips to ease your transition into Invisalign.

Use Anti-Inflammatory Medication

When you first start wearing the Invisalign Lakeview Chicago residents have available to them, you will notice that they feel tight. This is completely normal. You are going through an adjustment period. Anti-inflammatory medicines will help you feel more comfortable until your mouth gets used to them.

Use Warm Water

Rinsing with warm water eases the discomfort from areas in the sore mouth. The warmth of the water reduces inflammation. Adding salt to the water increases the relief, but don’t use hot water. Heat can warp the clear trays used in the Invisalign system.

Start New Sets at Night

You may feel discomfort each time you start a new set. The first ten to twelve hours can be the hardest. It can be a bit of relief to sleep through those hours. You may feel discomfort when you wake, but it won’t be bad.

Following these three tips to ease your transition into Invisalign will help make your experience a positive one. To learn more about the Invisalign Lakeview Chicago residents have available, visit Chicago Dental Solutions @ Lincoln Dental Center today.