When a person loses one or more teeth due to an accident or decay, it can drastically change their smile. Tooth loss can also make a person self-conscious when they smile, talk, and laugh. There are two common treatments for tooth loss, partial bridges and dental implants. Of the two options, Dental Implant Services in Camas WA has more benefits.

Permanent Solution

Of the two options, dental implants are a more permanent solution for tooth loss. The implant is drilled into the jawbone, and a false tooth is attached. Partial bridges must be removed nightly to soak, and they need to be replaced every five years.

Natural Appearance

Dental implants look more natural teeth than partial bridges do. Partial bridges are often held in by plastic and wires, which can be visible when the individual smiles. Since implants are drilled into the jawbone, there are no wires or plastic necessary.

Low Maintenance

To clean a dental implant, the individual would simply brush it the way they do with their natural teeth. To clean a partial bridge, it would need to be soaked overnight and brushed with a special toothbrush.

No Changes In Speech

Upper partial bridges often contain a plastic plate that fits over the roof of the mouth. Lower bridges include a plastic plate that fits inside the back of your teeth. This can cause the individual to develop a change in their speech, such as a lisp. This isn’t an issue with dental implants.

No Damage To Surrounding Teeth

Dental bridges are anchored in the mouth using the remaining teeth. Over time, this pressure can cause damage to the anchor teeth. Since dental implants don’t require healthy teeth to stay in, there is no risk of damage.

No Food Restrictions

Hard food and sticky should not be eaten with partial bridges because they can cause damage. Because dental implants are just as strong as the natural teeth, there are no food restrictions.

If a person is suffering from tooth loss, they should consider Dental Implant Services in Camas WA. Dental implants may be more expensive than partial bridges, but they are much more like natural teeth. For more information, contact Lewis Family Dentistry. You can also connect Facebook.