When you have a toothache, you must visit a Lincoln Park dentist for an examination. Some toothaches are caused by cavities, and your dentist can clean the tooth before applying a color-matching filling. If the tooth has a larger cavity, then you might need additional treatment with a root canal procedure to remove the interior structures of the tooth. After filling the tooth with a waterproof resin, your dentist will cover the tooth with an attractive dental crown that will last for many years when you perform oral hygiene on a regular basis.

Dental Bridges or Implants

If a tooth is beyond repair, then you can still have a beautiful smile because a Lincoln Park dentist can make a dental bridge or perform a dental implant procedure. Dental bridges are made from metal, ceramic or plastic to fit into your mouth precisely, and the devices are attached to the surrounding teeth. Today, most dental bridges remain in place until a dentist removes the device for a repair or to clean your teeth. Occasionally, you might require a removable bridge, and you should learn how to clean this device correctly.

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Dental implants are one of the newest types of restorations, and if your mouth is healthy, then you can have one inserted right away. When you don’t have strong alveolar bones, a Lincoln Park dentist can prescribe medications that will encourage bone growth. A dental implant crown is placed on a metal post that is inserted into your gums and alveolar bones. After a few months, the bones in your mouth will integrate with the metal post, creating a stronger support for the dental implant. You can schedule an appointment at the Art of Modern Dentistry by visiting our website.