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Often people book an appointment with a dentist only when they experience a toothache. This reactionary approach is not conducive to ensuring long term oral health. Your teeth are vital in maintaining good overall health. They allow you to consume food rich in energy, nutrients, and vitamins. If you do not take a proactive approach in protecting your dental health, it will likely result in tooth loss combined with major dental expenditures along the way. Subsequently replacing lost teeth will add even more cost and many hours in a dental chair. At Gateshead Dental in Hamilton, the focus is primarily on providing family dentistry services that ensure good oral health for both you and your family.

Reasons for Visiting Your Family Dentist

Visiting a dentist should occur at regular intervals suited to your needs. Dentists in Hamilton believe that the need for preventative care is the most fundamental service that can be provided. Effective preventative care is a combination of at-home oral care and regular visits to a dental clinic. What benefits will you get from seeing your dentist on a regular basis?

  • Teeth Cleaning: This helps maintain healthy teeth by removing plaque, tartar and stains. It also provides an opportunity to detect problems such as tooth decay.

  • Annual Check-Up: Many dental conditions are asymptomatic in the early stages of development. During a check-up a dentist can diagnose such conditions and address them before significant damage occurs. Furthermore, a dentist will perform oral cancer screenings to check for signs of abnormal tissues. With any condition, an early detection is vital in the success of the treatment.

  • Preventative Care: Family dentists do not restrict themselves to performing restorative treatment on teeth and gums. They also educate patients about the benefits of preventative care. They help children and adults discover the best techniques for performing at-home oral health care in order to maintain good oral and therefore general health.

Family Dentistry

In Hamilton and Stoney Creek, dental practitioners work to promote good oral health for their patients. At Gateshead Dental, our family dentistry office is there to provide a wide range of dental services which will be tailored to meet your and your family’s dental care needs.